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Oct 12 2016

Persimmon Written by Jane

Create a bit of excitement this autumn with our color of the month, Persimmon. This red-orange shade is energetic and

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Sep 29 2016

Fall Open House Highlights Written by Jane

We put together some new displays for our Fall Open House this year and thought we would share them with you. Even if you attended the open house and saw these displays, you can review them here and see if they might work for your next home project.
Side panels are a staple right now. Stationary panels that frame the window, add color and texture, and show off your view to the outside world are an important window treatment feature. But to give you that custom look you have been wanting, here are some different pleat ideas.

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Sep 24 2016

Popular Blues Written by Jane

As one of the most popular colors, blue evokes positive feelings, especially in the home.

Royal blue is a beautiful shade, just a touch lighter than navy or midnight blue, and a tad darker than steel blue or French blue. Royal blue is often called

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