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Mar 25 2017

Color Can Cheer Up Your House Written by Jane

Add bright colors for a refreshing change to your interior look.
Bright colors add warmth and energy to a room. They actually make your house and your life feel more joyful!

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Mar 02 2017

Layering solutions Written by Jane

Does anyone ever put on one item or layer of clothing anymore?  We are always adding a vest, a scarf, a sweater or another layer.  The same goes for windows.  We might start with blinds or shades but we are often adding layers.
Layers can offer two important solutions for windows. 

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Feb 11 2017

Antique Design Elements Written by Jane

An antique design element can update your home decor.
Adding a vintage item to almost any decorating style will create depth and personality.
Have you inherited an antique from a favorite relative or purchased a vintage piece from a local flea market or on a foreign vacation? Not sure how to integrate it into your home design?
Don’t despair. A touch of antiques can add to most any

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