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Aug 11 2018

Ikats – A Warp Printed Fabric Written by Jane

The Schumacher Company has been around a long time and is full of information.  Here is something about warp prints that I did not know.  Ikats – a warp print – are

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Aug 01 2018

Dorm or Apartment Decorating Written by Jane

Decorating a college dorm room or apartment bedroom for your son or daughter can be a challenge.  Their room at home will be spacious compared to the small college room.   And the decorating needs may  be temporary.  Use these fun ideas to make the most of their personal space.

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Jul 28 2018

Fringe Benefits Written by Jane

Trim or fringe can be just the accent you need in your home and it is making a come-back.  The way the trim is used and which trim you use makes all the difference.

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