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Aug 30 2019

Cord Safety Awareness Written by Jane

Although this is only September, I am thinking ahead to October and child safety awareness month. Actually every month should be child safety awareness month

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Aug 24 2019

Handcrafted Textiles Written by Jane

Fabricut is one of our textile suppliers and they sent this wonderful picture of fabrics and trims that I just had to share. When we think of neutral we might think of white, but these are rich colors that just happen to be neutral! Below is their description of the fabrics and how they are made.

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Aug 10 2019

Artfully Arranged Bookshelf Written by Jane

I saw this in my in-box today and thought this might be of interest. Schumacher Fabric Co. uses Olga Naiman to help their clients with decorating ideas. And for those of you that are just unpacking from a recent move, or just need to update your bookshelves, these are great tips!

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