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May 15 2020


A beautiful set of bookshelves is about so much more than just books! Bookshelves are a design element that is both functional and decorative. They solve some of your storage issues and, at the same time, help you display decorative items, such as statuary, vases, flower arrangements, clocks, plants, photos and yes, even books!

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May 08 2020

House Plants Enhance Your Health Written by Jane

There’s so much more to houseplants than their beauty. The fact is, they can actually make you healthier and happier. During the day, during photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, freshening the air you breathe.

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May 01 2020

Continuity of Color Written by Jane

Have you ever thought – “Let’s paint our walls this weekend.  We can pick a different color for each room. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

Actually, it would be better to create a continuity of color for your home. It doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the colors, but certainly you want to create an impression of you with your color choices and set the tone for your home. 

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