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Sep 18 2020

New Color Trends Written by Jane

Fall is here and we usually have our open house in late September.  We invite you to come to the store, we present a seminar on a decorating topic –often on the new colors for the fall and into next year, we feed you some cookies and visit with you about your decorating plans.  Of course this year is different. So instead of inviting you into the store, we thought we would invite ourselves into your homes and offer you some decorating inspiration. 

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Sep 11 2020

Style Your Throw Blankets Written by Jane

Have you ever felt frustrated trying to style your throw blanket? How do you toss it onto your couch so it doesn’t look bulky or messy? Well, creating that effortless look takes a little more forethought than you might think. Learn the best ways to throw your throw:

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Sep 01 2020

Trending in Window Fashions Written by Jane

If you haven’t purchased new window treatments in a while, you may be wondering what is new.  When I first started in business over 40 years ago everyone wanted pleated sheers and pleated antique satin draperies.  But treatments have evolved and we have many more choices of products, fabrics, and styles. It is important to remember that you should make choices based upon your needs as well.

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