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Jun 23 2018

Light Blue Softens Your Home Environment Written by Jane

Soften your home environment with a touch of light blue.
This soothing shade goes with most any decorating style.

Typically light blue, also called powder blue or sky blue, is associated with classic home design.

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Jun 16 2018

Leather Adds Texture, Softness and Color Written by Jane

Make a decorating statement with leather furnishings.
This bold design move shows you have skin in the game.

Consider a touch of leather in your next decorating project. It will be a moo-ving experience that’s sure to enhance your home environment! And most leather design elements are practical too!

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Jun 09 2018

Upgrade Your Master Bathroom to Luxury Written by Jane

Upgrade your master bathroom to a five-star retreat.
A spa oasis will help soak your stress away. 

We all love a beautiful spa bathroom when we’re on a luxury vacation. Why not enjoy that luxury every day of the year while we’re at home too?

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