2019 Festival of Trees

The Lawrence Festival of Trees benefiting The Children’s Shelter was last week. The trees were on display at Liberty Hall for all of us to enjoy. What a great place to get a wonderful assortment of ideas. Here are just a few of the trees and details that caught my eye.

Hand made decorations

Although red and green with gold and silver accents are still very popular, again this year we are seeing the black and white checked fabric in ornaments. Here a Styrofoam ball is wrapped in fabric and just below you can see an accordion folded ornament in the same fabric. Start making ornaments in January and you will be ready with decorations for your tree next December!

Music score chain link

Here the traditional chain link garland is not made from construction paper but instead of a music score. Very fitting for a Christmas tree accent.

Hand painted wooded train

This is a great family decorated tree with many hand painted wooded ornaments. Primary colors make this very attractive. This could be a fun family projected started early to give you time to enjoy the process of painting these wooded vehicles. These ornaments could be used on your tree year after year or taken off the tree after Christmas and added to the toy box for kids or grand kids to enjoy.

Folded Paper

Another way to make hand made decorations is using folded paper. In this example the diameters of the circles are different and stacked to give a Christmas ball look. Make the folded paper circles large or small depending upon the scale of your home and tree.

Ribbon Bells

Shaped ribbon can be used as garland or shaped into ornaments. Here the multiple tubular shapes have a bell look as they are grouped and facing out from the tree. Add complimentary garland to wrap the tree.