6 Ways to Display Framed Pictures

Framed pictures

Framed pictures can be displayed in many ways — individually or in groups, symmetrical or asymmetrical, monochromatic or rainbow colors.  Here are a few suggestions to make your walls interesting.

Group many photos or prints together, and hang them in a symmetrical cluster. Use the same frames and mattes to unify the look.

symmetrical grouping

Symmetrical grouping






Hang black and white prints or photos in black frames against a boldly colored wall for drama.

contrast wall

Contrast wall

Rest a painting on the back of a shelf, and place other accessories in front.

framed pictures and art

Framed pictures and art






Position a group of frames on a fireplace mantle.

fireplace arrangement

Fireplace arrangement




Hang large framed paintings above your headboard for an additional focal point. 

framed headboard

Framed Headboard






Hang family photographs on the inside of cabinet doors, so you can enjoy them as you go about your daily home life.



When displayed correctly, framed pictures can transform the entire look of a room!