Automation for your Window Treatments

We have gone from a simple remote control to motorization to automation to smart or intelligent shades. The descriptive words have changed and so have our lives. My sister says my dad had a remote control back in the day and it was her! She had to get up to change the station on the TV or to adjust the sound. Now we stay seated and use our smart phone or a pebble remote to operate our shades. 

Skylight Shade

Hunter Douglas Skylift shades


Certainly the more obvious use for a motorized shade is for windows that are hard to reach. And Hunter Douglas is the company we reach for because they have the best workable solutions. Skylight windows in bathrooms or living rooms are very common. They let in lots of natural light and certainly are not a privacy problem.  But in the summer they let in lots of heat in an already steamy bathroom and can fade art work on your living room walls. Hand cranks are available for these shades but they are very hard to operate 12’ or 15′ up in the air at the ceiling height. Remote control is the obvious solution.   

Skylight Shade

Hunter Douglas Skylift shade

Security is another reason for automated shades. I program my Hunter Douglas shades to go up in the morning as the sun is rising and to go down in the evening. So if I have a late meeting they go down whether I am home or not so it doesn’t appear that I am not home. And I don’t spend my time going into every room to adjust the shades as I am dashing out the door in the morning. Each room or each shade, if they face different directions in your room, can be scheduled using your smart phone to move at different times during the day to control the heat or privacy you desire.


Hunter Douglas Scene Schedule 

These shades use easy to find and easy to install AA batteries and hold their charge approximately 1-2 years depending upon how often you move your shades. Recently they have added a rechargeable battery option and a charging station that is available on new shades and can be retrofitted to fit existing motorized shades. 

As you build your new home or add an addition on your existing home you could consider adding wiring to your windows that would control your window treatments without needing batteries. We can work with your electrician to be sure the wires are put in the correct place to make your shades work effortlessly.

Hunter Douglas Remote Pebbles

Do we operate our car windows by leaning across the seats? Or our TV by getting up and down when we want to adjust the channel or the sound?Why not add our window treatments to that list? The future is here and we need to be ready to enjoy all that it has to offer.