Beautiful Side Tables

Select beautiful side tables to complete your decor.

Accent tables shouldn’t be a sidelight in your interior plan.  

A side table (also called an end table or accent table) is different than a coffee table, which tends to be in front of your sofa and easy chairs. Because side tables sit alongside chairs or sofas, or against a wall, they’re often overlooked in planning your decor, yet they’re the perfect place to add an unusual or dramatic piece. A side table can be an attention getter, without making such a big statement that it totally defines your space.


Side tables come in an almost unlimited choice of materials, styles, colors and sizes. You can even transform an existing side table by painting it a dramatic color, refinishing it with a faux finish or topping it with a beautiful piece of glass, marble, granite or mirror. Just make sure the design is in scale with your existing furnishings and complements your décor.


For an attention-getting side table, think:

Side tables are perfect for displaying decorative objects, but don’t add too many objects or you’ll create clutter. Think about displaying items such as: 


Take a look at your living room or great room from a different angle, and focus on side tables this season.

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