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Aug 11 2018

Ikats – A Warp Printed Fabric Written by Jane

The Schumacher Company has been around a long time and is full of information.  Here is something about warp prints that I did not know.  Ikats – a warp print – are

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Aug 01 2018

Dorm or Apartment Decorating Written by Jane

Decorating a college dorm room or apartment bedroom for your son or daughter can be a challenge.  Their room at home will be spacious compared to the small college room.   And the decorating needs may  be temporary.  Use these fun ideas to make the most of their personal space.

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Jul 28 2018

Fringe Benefits Written by Jane

Trim or fringe can be just the accent you need in your home and it is making a come-back.  The way the trim is used and which trim you use makes all the difference.

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Jun 29 2018

Porches and Sun Rooms Extend Your Living Space Written by Jane

Your outdoor living space is an extension of your interior living space, and it needs to support your lifestyle if you want to enjoy your space to the fullest.  Create an outdoor area that echoes the comfort of your own living room.

Do you want a tranquil retreat?  An elegant entertainment area?  A classically formal space?

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Jun 23 2018

Light Blue Softens Your Home Environment Written by Jane

Soften your home environment with a touch of light blue.
This soothing shade goes with most any decorating style.

Typically light blue, also called powder blue or sky blue, is associated with classic home design.

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Jun 16 2018

Leather Adds Texture, Softness and Color Written by Jane

Make a decorating statement with leather furnishings.
This bold design move shows you have skin in the game.

Consider a touch of leather in your next decorating project. It will be a moo-ving experience that’s sure to enhance your home environment! And most leather design elements are practical too!

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Jun 09 2018

Upgrade Your Master Bathroom to Luxury Written by Jane

Upgrade your master bathroom to a five-star retreat.
A spa oasis will help soak your stress away. 

We all love a beautiful spa bathroom when we’re on a luxury vacation. Why not enjoy that luxury every day of the year while we’re at home too?

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Jun 02 2018

Custom Shutters – Contemporary or Traditional Written by Jane

Are you looking for a contemporary window treatment?  Or maybe a more traditional style?  Do you want privacy and sun control?  But easily opened to access your view?  Custom shutters can fulfill all of those needs.

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May 05 2018

Light Fixtures Add to Room Design Written by Jane

Get the drop on beautiful room design with a new light fixture.
Light up your home by adding a stunning chandelier.

Lighting is one of the most important elements in making your home environment function effectively and look beautiful. New lighting can completely change the look of a room, and light fixtures, or chandeliers as they’re often called, are a key element of your lighting plan.

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