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Sep 16 2017

Bathtubs as a Relaxing Retreat Written by Jane

A bathtub marries function and fashion in a unique way.
Bathtubs mix aesthetics and purpose more than almost any other bathroom element. Many people

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Sep 09 2017

Decorative Moldings As A Finishing Touch Written by Jane

They’re the perfect finishing touch for windows, doors, walls and ceilings.
Decorative moldings on walls, windows, doors and ceilings add texture and interest to your home, no matter what your design style.

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Sep 01 2017

Window Treatments – the Finishing Design Element Written by Jane

Designers and savvy consumers are turning to window fashions as the #1 home improvement and interior design product that can make the biggest difference in their home. Not only can window fashions transform a room from a design standpoint, they can create atmosphere by

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Aug 26 2017

White As A Versatile Color All Year Written by Jane

This versatile color looks beautiful throughout the year.
White, used as an accent color or the primary neutral in a room, will help your house look and feel bright, airy and cool. It’s perfect for hot summer days and evenings, yet lasts throughout the year, lightening a room on dark winter days.

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Aug 12 2017

Decorating With Books Written by Jane

Decorating with books can make your interior look smarter.

The creative addition of books to your decor is sheer genius!
For the most part, we think of books as volumes to read! Books can also be the perfect finishing touch for an interior design plan

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Aug 02 2017

Upgrade Your Window Treatments with New Features Written by Jane

Why would you want to upgrade your window treatments? You have been in your house for many years and have adjusted to the sagging rod, the broken cord, or the limp fabrics. Here are some reasons why you might consider an upgrade. There are many new features offered that increase child safety and insulate to increase your comfort.

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Jun 30 2017

6 Ways to Display Framed Pictures Written by Jane

Framed pictures can be displayed in many ways — individually or in groups, symmetrical or asymmetrical, monochromatic or rainbow colors.  Here are a few suggestions to make your walls interesting.

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Jun 24 2017

Pastel Colors to Refresh and Soften Written by Jane

Pastel colors can refresh and soften your home design plan.
These gentle hues make a room feel lighter, cleaner and more delicate.
The balmy days of summer feel like the perfect time to lighten your home with pastels. And remember, these beautiful shades are

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Jun 10 2017

Outdoor Living Written by Jane

Creating an outdoor living area that feels like an extension of your indoor space makes for a seamless and unified transition. It’s a synthesis of style that blends outdoor and indoor living.
 If you focus on your outdoor living space as much as your indoor design style, you’ll gain a welcoming look that makes it easy to glide effortlessly from indoors to outdoors and back. You’ll find that you use your outdoor space more, whether it’s a deck, terrace, garden or large backyard.

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