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Apr 14 2018

Vases As Beautiful Design Elements Written by Jane

Vases are not just empty vessels to fill with water and flowers.

Talk about a versatile design element! Vases come in just about any size, shape, color and material. A large floor vase can become

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Apr 07 2018

Pareto Collection – Colors in Volume III Written by Jane

I received this from our supplier Fabricut Inc.  I thought they did a nice job of arranging the fabrics and colors into groups to help us see how colors and patterns can be coordinated.  These are colors that we are seeing this spring from many companies.  It is not always about one color being “it” but often a range of colors that set the tone for the new splurge of color. 

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Apr 02 2018

Solar Shades Control Heat on Decks and Porches Written by Jane

Spring always brings thoughts of lovely time spent on our porches and decks.  Summer reminds us that the sun has shifted and is blazing toward our porches and decks and it is almost too harsh and too hot to enjoy our outside spaces.  Solar control is needed! We have solutions for that problem. And of course if you start now, you will be able to enjoy your outdoor areas all spring, summer and fall.

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Mar 24 2018

Soft Shades of Gray Written by Jane

Add nuance to your design plan with soft shades of gray.
 Neutral gray adds elegance and versatility to home decorating.
The most common neutrals used in home design are shades of white, beige, ivory and cream. Gray is a surprising and

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Mar 10 2018

The Perfect Coffee Table Written by Jane

Create interest and function with the perfect coffee table.
A fabulous coffee table adds personality to your rooms.

A coffee table shouldn’t be an insignificant afterthought near the end of planning your living room, den or great room. It’s a pivotal design element

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Mar 03 2018

Flax – Scalamandre Color of the Month Written by Jane

The fabric house of Scalamandre’s chose Flax as the color of the month.  Here is what they have to say about Flax: 

“Considered the “new neutral,” Flax is a color that has been happily welcomed into the interior design world. This easy hue works with both warm or cool tones and complements

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Mar 01 2018

Window Treatments For All Windows Written by Jane

Our motto is “we do windows”.   We can help you with a window treatment for any kind of window whether it is a rectangular window, an arch window, a transom window, or a bay window.   And we do sliding glass doors and atrium doors.  To us, those are just big […]

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Feb 10 2018

Skylights Offer Natural Light For Good Health Written by Jane

The need for ample lighting cannot be taken lightly.  Studies have found that natural lighting is best – for lighting up your home and for your health.

Skylights let the sunshine in and illuminate your home naturally.  They add warmth and cut down on the need for artificial light.

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Feb 01 2018

Lawrence Home Show 2018 Written by Jane

The Home Show, sponsored by the Lawrence Home Builders Assoc., will be February 16-18. We will again be hosted in the used car building on the south end of the Crown Toyota showroom, at 33rd and Iowa Street. It is a great way to spend an hour or two on a cold February day.

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Jan 27 2018

Light Up With Mood-Inspiring Candles Written by Jane

Light up your living environment with mood-inspiring candles
Candles add illumination and beauty to a room.

Warm up the mood in your home by adding candles to your décor. They’re perfect for

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