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Aug 10 2019

Artfully Arranged Bookshelf Written by Jane

I saw this in my in-box today and thought this might be of interest. Schumacher Fabric Co. uses Olga Naiman to help their clients with decorating ideas. And for those of you that are just unpacking from a recent move, or just need to update your bookshelves, these are great tips!

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Jul 13 2019

Extend Your Living Space Written by Jane

Your outdoor living space is an extension of your interior living space, and it needs to support your lifestyle if you want to enjoy your space to the fullest. Create an outdoor area that echoes the comfort of your own living room.

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Jun 22 2019

Colors and Textures Written by Jane

Sometimes I write about colors but seeing colors is best. Words can create a different image in my mind than yours. But the picture says it all. Here are some photos from Robert Allen Duralee Group.

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Jun 01 2019

Window Treatments Filter Light Written by Jane

When we think of window treatments we often think of keeping out the cold and heat. But there is another function. Window treatments can also offer filtered light.

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May 18 2019

Beautiful Side Tables Written by Jane

A side table (also called an end table or accent table) is different than a coffee table, which tends to be in front of your sofa and easy chairs. Because side tables sit alongside chairs or sofas, or against a wall, they’re

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May 11 2019

Spring Prints Written by Jane

Adding spring floral patterns to your decor can add brightness and joy to your home. Traditional choices include chintz and botanical prints. Today many modern choices are available too, including

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May 04 2019

Greige – A New Neutral Written by Jane

Can’t decide between gray and beige? Maybe you don’t have to, now that greige is the trending neutral in interior design. Greige is really hard to describe because it’s so similar to some shades of gray and to some shades of beige. It’s really an in-between color, so it’s hard to define where

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Apr 30 2019

Hire a Window Treatment Pro Written by Jane

Why should you hire a window treatment pro? With so many choices and options available for your windows it might seem easier to make the right decision yourself. But actually it is harder to make the best decision

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