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Jan 22 2021

Kitchen Inspires Healthy Eating Written by Jane

Now that the holidays are over, there’s no better time to get your diet back on track. And by creating the right environment, you can set yourself up for success. 

Here are a few enhancements you can make to your kitchen that will inspire you to eat healthy all year long:

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Jan 15 2021

Create a Cozy Reading Nook Written by Jane

Many of us get so caught up in our busy everyday lives that we forget to

recharge ourselves with a little down time. But by creating a special space

for quiet activities like reading, knitting or meditating, we can make it easier

to relax and focus on our personal well-being.

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Jan 08 2021

Keep Your Home Looking Clean Written by Jane

Do you ever wait so long to clean your home that it takes an entire day — or weekend?

Well, by developing the right habits, maintaining a clean home will become an instinctive

part of your daily routine. And the more of these habits you master, the easier cleaning will be.

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Jan 01 2021

Warm, Cozy Colors For 2021 Written by Jane

A question I am often asked is “What is the new color for this year?”  That is a hard question to answer because there is seldom just one color.  And often we see a continuation of colors from the previous year. 

Two of the major paint companies, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, have made their selections for 2021 and I thought I would highlight them here

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Dec 23 2020

Boost Your Mood with Comfort Décor Written by Jane

With all the challenges of this past year, many of us are embracing

our home décor with a newfound passion and are focusing on the

types of items that make us feel good inside. 

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Dec 11 2020

Create an Inspiring Homeschool Space. Written by Jane

The right learning environment boosts productivity.

If you’re new to homeschooling your child, chances are you’re wondering the best way to set up your at-home learning space. Most importantly, it doesn’t have to resemble a typical classroom — in fact, the comforts of home can really work to your advantage. Here are some tips

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Dec 01 2020

Christmas Decorating 2020 Written by Jane

This may be the best year ever to decorate your home for Christmas!  Since you are staying  inside more, adding Christmas decorations to your home will make life feel more normal.  And that is a good thing this Christmas.

Look around at what decorations you already have and try to use them in a different way.  Make them look new by placing them i a different place or a different arrangement.  Here are some examples.

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Nov 06 2020

Video Call Background Design Ideas Written by Jane

Over the past few months, video calls may have become an integral part of your life, keeping you connected with coworkers, family and friends — and giving others a glimpse into your home. So why not ensure your video-conference background puts you in the best possible light!

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Oct 30 2020

Decorating Fireplace Mantels Written by Jane

The fireplace is often the focal point of a room.  But what about that empty mantel?  What do you put there?  How do you arrange it?  Keep the following ideas in mind, and your mantel will be the perfect finishing touch.

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Oct 15 2020

Coffee Tables as Accents Written by Jane

Your coffee table is often one of the first things people notice when they walk into your living room, and the way you style it can set the tone of the entire space. 

Here are a few tips to help you create the perfect look:

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