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Aug 07 2020

Bring Green Inside Written by Jane

  CREATE A PEACEFUL FEELING Green is a natural choice for home decorating. Found in the world’s forests, meadows and gardens, it brings a feeling of the outdoors to the inside of your home. For home decorating, you have so many choices in the green family, from rich and lush, […]

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Jul 31 2020

Automation for your Window Treatments Written by Jane

We have gone from a simple remote control to motorization to automation to smart or intelligent shades. The descriptive words have changed and so have our lives.  My sister says my dad had a remote control back in the day and it was her!

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Jul 01 2020

Sun Control with Solar Shades Written by Jane

In Kansas we need to control the sun from the heat it creates and from the UV rays that fade our furniture, our fabrics, our flooring and our art work.  And we often place sun control shades inside our home, as well as on our porches or even on our decks.  Actually sun control is the number one reason customers seek out shades.

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Jun 12 2020

Pet Friendly Fabrics Written by Jane

If you have a pet, you’re probably all too familiar with shedding, chewing, scratching and stains. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have great looking furniture. Although no material is completely pet-proof, here are some of the most durable fabrics that can stand up to your pet’s claws and paws:

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Jun 05 2020

Sunblock For Your Furnishings Written by Jane

You probably know the importance of protecting your skin from the sun. But have you ever considered how it might harm your valuable furnishings? The fact is, even on cloudy days, the sun can fade and deteriorate your fabrics, carpet, hardwood floors and even your artwork.

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May 29 2020

Window Treatments Control Heat and Glare Written by Jane

Sunlight is necessary for our overall well being, especially in these covid-19 stay-at-home times, but it has to be controlled or it will cause problems in your home.  Sun makes a room too hot in the summer and greatly raises air conditioning bills.  It also damages furnishings and flooring.  And when sunlight shines right in your face or on the television or your computer, it can be uncomfortable and annoying.

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May 15 2020


A beautiful set of bookshelves is about so much more than just books! Bookshelves are a design element that is both functional and decorative. They solve some of your storage issues and, at the same time, help you display decorative items, such as statuary, vases, flower arrangements, clocks, plants, photos and yes, even books!

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May 08 2020

House Plants Enhance Your Health Written by Jane

There’s so much more to houseplants than their beauty. The fact is, they can actually make you healthier and happier. During the day, during photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, freshening the air you breathe.

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May 01 2020

Continuity of Color Written by Jane

Have you ever thought – “Let’s paint our walls this weekend.  We can pick a different color for each room. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

Actually, it would be better to create a continuity of color for your home. It doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the colors, but certainly you want to create an impression of you with your color choices and set the tone for your home. 

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Apr 24 2020

Upgrade Your Home Office Written by Jane

Do you have a home office that’s an afterthought, provides function but has little thought to aesthetics? That happens to most of us at some point in our lives. Why not upgrade your home office into a personalized workspace that’s embellished with beautiful furniture, color, artwork and rugs?

A functional desk is key

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