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May 13 2017

Rich Copper Written by Jane

Copper is more than just a metal; it’s a rich color for home design.
Usually when we think about a metallic finish to add to our homes, we consider gold, silver or bronze. Copper is a welcome change and provides a surprising, unique look. While silver is a cool metallic color, copper (like gold and bronze) is a warm color that provides richness and creates an inviting mood.

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May 06 2017

Unwind With Relaxing Furniture Written by Jane

Add calm to your home with furniture that’s designed to be comfortable.
Home is where relaxation should be key, especially since most of us live busier lives than ever before. Designing your home for maximum relaxation is a great strategy to help you find peace and calm when you enter your home environment.

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May 01 2017

Sunlight Glare Control Written by Jane

Sunlight is necessary for our overall wellbeing, but it has to be controlled or it will cause problems in your home. Sun makes a room too hot in the summer and greatly raises air conditioning bills. It also damages furnishings and flooring. And when sunlight shines right in your face or on the television, it can be uncomfortable and annoying.

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Apr 22 2017

Trim Your Design Plan Written by Jane

Decorative brads, nails and tacks will hit the mark.

Metal trim is a classic embellishment for furniture and more. Brads, nails and tacks were used as early as the 17th century and maybe even before, in almost every country in Europe, and in the United States too. Think of them like jewelry for furniture – adding a beautiful necklace around the edges

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Apr 15 2017

Beautiful Countertops Written by Jane

It’s a perfect finishing touch to your design scheme.
Changing your countertops can make a visible difference in the look of a room. Depending on what you select in material, color and pattern, the new countertops can add personality or they can blend into the background to call attention to another design element.

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Apr 08 2017

Beach Look Written by Jane

Have you always wanted a beach house even though you don’t live anywhere near a body of water? Or maybe you already live near the water and want to make your home look more like a beach house?
Either way you can create a relaxing, fun interior that looks like it belongs near the beach

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Mar 31 2017

Spring Cleaning Written by Jane

It is spring cleaning time.  The sun coming in the window always gives us motivation to clean out the old and get ready for the new.  I like to clean when it is sunny because you can see the colors, you can see if things are looking worn and should be tossed, and you can

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Mar 25 2017

Color Can Cheer Up Your House Written by Jane

Add bright colors for a refreshing change to your interior look.
Bright colors add warmth and energy to a room. They actually make your house and your life feel more joyful!

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Mar 02 2017

Layering solutions Written by Jane

Does anyone ever put on one item or layer of clothing anymore?  We are always adding a vest, a scarf, a sweater or another layer.  The same goes for windows.  We might start with blinds or shades but we are often adding layers.
Layers can offer two important solutions for windows. 

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Feb 11 2017

Antique Design Elements Written by Jane

An antique design element can update your home decor.
Adding a vintage item to almost any decorating style will create depth and personality.
Have you inherited an antique from a favorite relative or purchased a vintage piece from a local flea market or on a foreign vacation? Not sure how to integrate it into your home design?
Don’t despair. A touch of antiques can add to most any

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