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Nov 18 2017

Harmonious Complementary Colors Written by Jane

Complementary colors beautifully finish almost any design plan.
Use them for harmony and a sense of calm.
The old adage that opposites attract is often true; and especially in selecting the colors for

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Nov 11 2017

Lime Color Adds Tang to Home Decor Written by Jane

The color lime can add tang to any home decor.
The color is sweet and sharp, with lots of zest.
Lime is a bold, extroverted color. It’s a color from nature, yet is brighter than many earthy hues we tend to use for home décor. Versions

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Nov 01 2017

Decorate for Thanksgiving With Pumpkins Written by Jane

It is now November and time to think about Thanksgiving decorations. I found a few pictures of decorations that I thought would be easy and interesting. It is easy to plan the food and guest list but forget until the last minute what the centerpiece might be. These pictures are ideas that you can create earlier and have ready for the big day.

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Oct 28 2017

Sherwin Willams Colormix Forecast 2018 Written by Jane

Yesterday I went to a presentation by the Sherwin Williams paint company at Johnson County Community College.  It was sponsored by the American Society of Interior Designers and brings together professionals and students to look ahead at the color mix for 2018.  Like they said in their advertising “every color is a collision of influences”.

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Oct 21 2017

Benjamin Moore’s color for 2018 is Red Hot Written by Jane

Predictions are starting to  emerge for the 2018 color of the year.  And customers are always asking me what is the current color, so here is what Benjamin Moore thinks.  They have many descriptive words to describe Caliente and I think they all fit – radical, signifies change, strength, dramatic, happy, smart, desire, primary, symbolic, confidence and vitality.  Chose the one that fits you best!  This color would be stunning in your home.  

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Oct 14 2017

Storage Solutions in Your Dining Room Written by Jane

Adding a storage solution to your dining room can transform this room from clutter to clean. And it’s a beautiful design enhancement. Dining room storage furniture has many names, depending on its design, what part of the country you live in and the style of your home, including sideboard, china […]

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Oct 07 2017

Red Creates Focal Point in Home Written by Jane

Enliven your decor with this zesty choice.
Because of its richness, red can create a focal point in your rooms, even when used in small quantities.

Red comes in so many shades and is described by so many names, including

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Sep 29 2017

Fall Window Treatment Displays 2017 Written by Jane

We love adding new displays in our showroom. It is so much easier to see an example of a new window treatment when it is sewn and hanging on the wall than it is to imagine it in our minds. And we always add new displays for our open house we have in the fall. So if you didn’t see our new displays at our 40th celebration

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Sep 16 2017

Bathtubs as a Relaxing Retreat Written by Jane

A bathtub marries function and fashion in a unique way.
Bathtubs mix aesthetics and purpose more than almost any other bathroom element. Many people

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Sep 09 2017

Decorative Moldings As A Finishing Touch Written by Jane

They’re the perfect finishing touch for windows, doors, walls and ceilings.
Decorative moldings on walls, windows, doors and ceilings add texture and interest to your home, no matter what your design style.

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