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May 04 2019

Greige – A New Neutral Written by Jane

Can’t decide between gray and beige? Maybe you don’t have to, now that greige is the trending neutral in interior design. Greige is really hard to describe because it’s so similar to some shades of gray and to some shades of beige. It’s really an in-between color, so it’s hard to define where

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Apr 30 2019

Hire a Window Treatment Pro Written by Jane

Why should you hire a window treatment pro? With so many choices and options available for your windows it might seem easier to make the right decision yourself. But actually it is harder to make the best decision

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Apr 22 2019

Versatile Stripes Written by Jane

Versatile stripes are a solid design choice.

Adding stripes to your décor is the perfect finishing touch, very similar to adding beautiful ribbons to your holiday packages! Stripes complete and dress up almost any decorating plan.

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Apr 13 2019

Deep Blue Accents Written by Jane

Deep blue, similar to the color of the night sky or a beautiful sea, suggests a mood of calm and harmony. This beautiful color comes with several names and nuances of hue, including:

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Apr 06 2019

Lounging Easy Chair Options Written by Jane

The word “easy” in “easy chair” is just about the only description you need to understand the function of this comfy and cozy element of seating furniture.

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Mar 30 2019

Enjoy But Control the Sun Written by Jane

Spring is here and we love feeling the sun warm us after our cold and snowy winter. There is something inviting about having the sun come in our windows and warm our homes. But the sun can present problems too.

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Mar 16 2019

Focus On Your Ceilings Written by Jane

Most of the time, we think about ceilings as just a blank place at the top of our walls. Actually ceilings are a fifth wall that can uplift decorating to a higher level. A focus on your ceilings can top up your rooms by adding character and beauty, and can make your rooms seem more spacious too!

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Mar 09 2019

Design Plan Mingles Textures. Written by Jane

Smooth out your design plan by mingling textures.  A mix of textures provides balance and adds character. The look of your interior design is mostly about the sense of sight, maximizing the visual beauty of your home. Adding textures to the equation brings in the sense of touch, which adds […]

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Mar 01 2019

Latest Design Trend to Soften Your Style Written by Jane

It’s not always hip to be square, at least according to today’s decor trend landscape where circles and curves are rising like a full moon.

Circular motifs and shapes have emerged as a strong interior trend – on mirrors, light fittings, rugs, vases and ornaments. Organic and soothing, curves provide softness and balance, lending a human quality to interiors, like a cuddle. Curves are just, well, friendly.

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Feb 23 2019

Make Your Interiors Blush Written by Jane

Move your decorating plan into the pink by adding this versatile color. Traditionally, pink is a frilly and girly color, but it doesn’t have to be. Depending on the hues you select, it can be modern, sophisticated and luxurious.

Pink connotes romance, so it’s perfect to add this shade during Valentine’s Day month

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