Christmas Decorating 2020

This may be the best year ever to decorate your home for Christmas! Since you are staying inside more, adding Christmas decorations to your home will make life feel more normal. And that is a good thing this Christmas.

Look around at what decorations you already have and try to use them in a different way. Make them look new by placing them in a different place or a different arrangement. Here are some suggestions.

Tuck the colored lights away this year and use only white lights. White lights on the tree, white lights on the fireplace mantel, white lights on the wreath. Add white Christmas pillows and you have a festive, uncluttered look for this holiday.

white lights

Stairs are a great place to add small touches of decorations. Instead of just draping evergreen down the banister, add other colorful touches. Fill Christmas bags with pine cones, ribbons and candy canes and hang on the railing. Of course a classic is hanging your Christmas stockings here, maybe with a stuffed animal peaking out the top. Or put plants or poinsettias in pots down the stairs. If you don’t have stairs you could use these ideas on your mantel or bookshelves.  

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Stair stockings


If you have a chandelier or a ceiling fan, you could hang colored balls with ribbons. Make a grouping so you can add lots of color and patterns and use different lengths of ribbons.

Hanging balls OF Design

A simple way to elevate your candles is to turn wine glasses upside down, put colorful Christmas balls in the bowl, and add candles to the foot. To add more interest, the wine glasses and candles can be different sizes and shapes. Have fun this year. You deserve it!  

Candle holders