Color Trends 2020

October is Open House month for us. Come join us for our open house on Wednesday, October 9, 2019 from 4:00 – 6:00. And stay for our seminar at 4:30. We will be showcasing the new color trends for 2020. 

Each year a group of respected designers gather to discuss the upcoming trends in interiors, cars, appliances – really anything that we as consumers purchase. And they have been discussing the upcoming trends for 2020. We will see a lot of natural elements in the 2020 colors. Certainly there is a desire for balance and comfortable colors. And yet there will be some colors that are meant to be just an accent. 

Is gray in or out? And what shade of gray are we talking about? I have noticed a resurgence of browns and greens. Earth tones perhaps, but not the 1970’s earthy colors. And neutrals are always influenced by other colors. Are they yellow neutrals, or pinkish neutrals, or blue neutrals?

These are all just words. We cannot have a good conversation about colors without seeing them in person. You have one version of gray in your mind and I might be thinking of another. I will show you actual fabric samples of the colors and you can touch and feel the fabrics. There is nothing better than seeing a French vanilla color, a cider spice color, or a secret meadow color in person!

Come join us on October 9th. No RSVP is necessary. And we will reward you with a plethora of colors.

Make an appointment while attending our open house and you can take advantage of our $42 installation offer. We will also have a drawing for a $420 gift certificate. And enjoy some refreshments with us. 

See you on October 9th!