Comfort and Luxury For Your Guest Room


Add comfort and luxury to your guest room this season.

You’ll be ready to host your holiday visitors in style. 


Think about what makes you comfortable when you stay with friends or family in their homes. Some guest rooms seem like an afterthought, with a mishmash of furniture and linens, and a closet full of junk, while others are carefully planned to help visitors feel pampered and comfortable.


It’s easy to make a guest room more inviting, and it doesn’t have to do with the size of the room or the cost of the elements in it. It’s much more about the details you include to add luxury, comfort and function.

First and foremost, clear some of your junk from the closet, so guests can hang their clothes and store their shoes out of site. Also clean out at least a couple of drawers from a bureau for visitors to stow their socks and t-shirts.


Think about where people can put their suitcases or sit to put on shoes and socks. A bench at the foot of the bed is perfect. If there’s enough space in your guest room, set up a sitting area with a cozy chair or two, good lighting and a small table.

Other ideas to consider for enhancing your guest room include:     

Help your guests savor their stay by adding the perfect elements to your guest room this season. 

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