Custom Bed Coverings

Let’s talk about bed coverings.  Not the sheets but the coverings over the sheets.  There are many ways to create a special bed ensemble for your bed.

Decorative Shams

The simplest way is a bedspread.  The fabric is quilted and is the same fabric on the top of the bed as it is dropping over the sides to the floor.  The fabric is long enough at the top of the bed to tuck under the pillows a little but still cover the whole pillow.   This works well for a traditional height bed but if the bed if very high off the floor, I think there are better choices.

Outline quilted coverlet

A coverlet is really just a short bedspread.  It is quilted and covers the top of the bed and drops down the sides to cover a few inches below the top mattress. A bed skirt would then be inserted between the mattress and the box springs and fall to the floor. This bed skirt can be traditionally gathered or box pleated if you want a more tailored look.

 A coverlet can still have a pillow tuck to cover the pillow but often pillow shams are used. These are pillow covers that have a ruffle around all four sides to repeat a gathered look in the bed skirt.  A flanged pillow sham– a flat band on all four sides – or a corded edge can be used if a more tailored sham is desired.

If the coverlet or bedspread is a patterned fabric, we can quilt around that pattern to give it a custom look.  If the fabric is a solid fabric then we would select a repeating quilting pattern. 

Comforters are reversible so they have a different fabric on each side.  Comforters are usually very puffy and tacked every 8-10” rather than quilted. 

Once you choose the basic style you still have more options – throw style with rounded corners, tailored with cording outlining the bed edge, reverse pillow sham with straight or scalloped edges, or split corers to fit a four poster bed. 

Custom Bed Ensemble

The fabric, the style, the quilting pattern, and the added details will all make the finished look very special for your new custom bed coverings ensemble.