Cutting the Cord


Whether you are looking for safety, convenience, or a better look, cordless shades are the best option.  No more unsightly cords full of knots and kinks hanging down on the floor or counter. The clean look is achieved by cordless shades.

Silhouette® LiteRise®

But cordless shades are not all created equal. You might see an inexpensive price on a cordless shade in a big box store and wonder why our custom shades are more expensive. Quality components, craftsmanship, choice of options, and choice of colors all add up to a better product.  And there really is not just one white but many variations on the color white. Of course we offer more than just white in our color palette.

Often the less expensive shades fail rather quickly. The headrails are often closed and there is no way to get to the components for repair so you throw them away and buy another one. It is made as a throw away product. This is aggravating and wasteful.

Quality custom shades have headrails accessible for a reason. It gives us access to repair or replace components on the rare occasion it is needed. It allows you to keep the same shade you purchased so it matches the rest of the shades in that same room. You should have no qualms about investing in custom shades. The quality and durability of custom shades and the warranties that come with your purchase are important reasons for purchasing quality the first time. 

Pirouette® PowerView®

Motorized shades are another way to get the benefits that come with cordless shades. If you use your smart phone or a remote to control your shades, there will be no cords to tangle and will be no hazards to children and pets. And comfort and convenience can come with your automated shades when you set a schedule for the shades to move.  Often shades don’t get moved regularly. You forget or run out of time to open and close them at the appropriate time so they just stay in one place. Raising the shades on the non-sunny side will give you natural light rather than turning on the lights. And closing shades on cold nights and hot days can make a difference in your utility bills. 

Make the most of your investment. And love the shades you choose.