Decorate for Thanksgiving With Pumpkins

It is now November and time to think about Thanksgiving decorations. I found a few pictures of decorations that I thought would be easy and interesting. It is easy to plan the food and guest list but forget until the last minute what the centerpiece might be. These pictures are ideas that you can create earlier and have ready for the big day.

small pumpkins as centerpiece

Thanksgiving arrangement


Thanksgiving arrangement

Thanksgiving arrangement


pumpkins in round glass bowl

Round arrangement










You can line up pumpkins and gourds interspersed with leaves to create an interesting and timely centerpiece. Line them up directly on the table or find a long wooden or ceramic tray in which to arrange them. If the table is round or your space is limited, put your arrangement in a glass bowl. Using a bowl or tray allows you to move the centerpiece from the dining table to the buffet to the coffee table extending the usefulness of your hard work making the arrangement.  

pumpkin servers

Pumpkin servers


pumpkin tea candle holders

candle holders






If you are having an open house or buffet line, you could use the pumpkins as your serving pieces. Cut off the top of the pumpkins and put plates of food on pumpkins of different heights and sizes. Or use them as tea candle holders on the top edge of the pumpkins.

If space is limited on your table, use a vertical application. Group small pumpkins and gourds in a tall glass vase for an inside arrangement. Or you can use a lantern for an inside or outside application.

pumpkins in glass vase

Pumpkins under glass


outdoor pumpkin arrangement

Outdoor arrangement







And finally all pumpkins do not have to be orange. You can spray paint them gold, silver, white or really any color you want depending upon your d├ęcor at the time.

Golden pumpkins

    White pumpkins



Plan ahead and you can enjoy a beautiful arrangement with your Thanksgiving celebration.