Different Ways to Dress Your Windows

After you find the perfect fabric for your window, you then have to decide how to dress it.  Exposed rods?  Hidden rods? Valances? Panels?

Let me show you a few pictures to help you decide.  Verbal descriptions are great, but pictures are even better!

Floating Panels

Here is a picture of what we call floating panels.  They are obviously held up by something but we don’t see what.  No hardware is exposed.  They are stationary panels, meaning they stay in this place and do not draw or move.  This treatment could be less expensive since you have no decorative hardware to purchase.  And it puts more emphasis on the fabric and style, rather than the hardware. But it does need to say in a fixed position.


This window treatment emphasizes the lovely height of the room by placing a tall mirror over a smaller fireplace to balance the windows and the transom above the windows.  The “mirror image” of the window treatments frame the whole wall nicely.  A single rod could have spanned the whole treatment, but the shorter rods with individual finials seem to balance the space better.

Wall to Wall Draperies

Covering the whole wall can be a way to hide an offset window.  Often the little space that is left past the draperies can look awkward so extending the fabric gives it a softer look.  This camouflage look needs to be kept simple and undemanding. 

Wall to Wall Valances

Many homes have sliding glass doors with stationary full length windows beside the doors or a series of windows – often covering the entire wall.  This valance unites the whole area by continuously pleating the valance from wall to wall.