Dorm or Apartment Decorating

Fun Ideas for Your Son or Daughter’s College Room

Decorating a college dorm room or apartment bedroom for your son or daughter can be a challenge.  Their room at home will be spacious compared to the small college room.   And the decorating needs may  be temporary.  Use these fun ideas to make the most of their personal space.


  1. Mirrors

          Hang mirrors to add depth and dimension.  Hanging several smaller mirrors in a group can add lots of visual interest, while using one large mirror will instantly create the illusion of more   space.

Under bed storage

  1. Under-bed storage
    Take advantage of every inch of space. Beautiful baskets, plastic bins, and rolling drawers create easy-to-use extra storage that you can hide under your bed.
  2. Lamps 
    Don’t simply rely on the overhead lighting that comes in your room.  Add a few lamps.  This not only creates interest and personality, but with light coming from several different directions, the room feels larger.
  3. Color
    If you want your room to feel larger, stick to one color.  Use similar hues on walls, bedding, and furniture.  But it’s not all about feeling larger.  If you like color, go for it!  Combining colors can add excitement and cheerfulness.
  4. Multi-purposeTo make the most of a small room, choose furniture that can be used for more than one purpose.  A small table and chair placed next to the bed can be used as a nightstand, as well as a writing desk.  A bench can act as storage and extra seating.

    Desk and nightstand

  5. Baskets, baskets, baskets
    Baskets add tons of much-needed storage space.  They complement almost any style, so they can be left out as beautiful, functional accessories.  Have fun choosing designs that you love.  You can store schoolbooks, toiletries, shoes… anything!
  6. Expand the closet  

    Organized closet

    Clear storage boxes, covered bins, and stacking containers make a closet seem double the size and hold twice as much.  Plus they make it easy to pack up when it’s time to move out.  Just grab your containers and go.