Extend Your Living Space

Your outdoor living space is an extension of your interior living space, and it needs to support your lifestyle if you want to enjoy your space to the fullest.  Create an outdoor area that echoes the comfort of your own living room.

screen shades for sun control

Do you want a tranquil retreat?  An elegant entertainment area?  A classically formal space?  Get clear on your goals, and designing your outdoor space will be easier.

If you like to use your yard to escape and relax, keep your colors neutral.  Colors that suggest nature – ocean, forest, mountains – will soothe and relax you.  Choose soft shapes for your furniture.  Add pillows that prop you up for reading that favorite book.  Chaise lounges will let you lean back, and with your feet up, you will be ready for a day of relaxing.

Do you love to entertain?  Make sure you have plenty of comfortable chairs and lots of areas to serve. Position seating in L- or U-shapes to promote comfortable conversations.  Use umbrellas to create shady areas.  Upholstered chair pads will make comfortable seating for long conversations with your guests.

For a formal space, arrange your furniture in a symmetrical pattern. Use classic shapes.  Keep bright colors confined to pillows and accessories so they can be easily updated for the changing seasons. Add an outdoor rug to keep the conversation areas cozy. 

outdoor shades – sun control with a view

Outdoor screen shades can be drawn down to keep the sun away. And they can be secured at the base to keep them from blowing in the breeze.  Retractable  insect screens can be added to your pergola to increase your outdoor comfort.  Adding an outdoor drapery can offer you additional sun protection and privacy from your neighbors.