Flax – Scalamandre Color of the Month

The fabric house of Scalamandre chose Flax as the color of the month.  Here is what they have to say about Flax: 

“Considered the “new neutral,” Flax is a color that has been happily welcomed into the interior design world. This easy hue works with both warm or cool tones and complements any room or decorating style. A chic alternative to classic neutrals, Flax pairs well with a range of colors from deep indigo to warm shades of ivory. Not only versatile in hue, Flax as a fiber is equally as wonderful! A rapidly renewable material that dates back over ten thousand years, this ancient fiber is as relevant as ever and here to stay.”

Flax Yarns

Flax can be both a fiber and a color.  As you can see in this picture it has a range of neutrals that blends well with many fabrics.  And the name flax is not just one hue and certainly is not the same exact shade from one company to the next.  

Flax as a fiber is usually called linen.  Linen has a wonderful hand but wrinkles easily.  As you handle linen and sew with it, the fiber breaks and no amount of ironing can make it wrinkle free.  Especially as the light hits the fabric and is viewed from different angles.  So if you love the real linen and can accept the wrinkles, this fabric is for you.  But if you don’t like the wrinkled look, we have many fabrics that look like linen but are made of polyester or rayon and hang without the wrinkles. 

Flax Paisley


A print or paisley fabric may hide the wrinkles if you are a purist and want a linen fabric background.  This tone on tone paisley fabric shows the range of tones that blend with flax.  A paisley has very little background in the pattern but shows an all-over winding pattern.




Flax Banding

You can also add flax to your trimming.  Add this tape as trim on your drapery panels as an accent.  

Visit our showroom and see what flax fabrics work for you.