Fringe Benefits

Trim or fringe can be just the accent you need in your home and it is making a come-back.  The way the trim is used and which trim you use makes all the difference.

Pillows: Add fringe or trim to pillows but keep it to no longer than 2”.

Fringe on ottoman

Furniture: Add bouillon fringe instead of a fabric “skirt” at the bottom of a chair, a sofa or even an ottoman.  Trim that is 7”, 9” or even 11” long is appropriate here. 

Rugs: Don’t make the fringe on your area rug too long.  This is a good place to catch dirt and perhaps cause you to trip.

Draperies or Side Panels: Textured tapes or braided tapes are perfect for accenting hems and the leading edge of your draperies or panels.  These tapes can be only ½” wide or as wide as 3”.  Tapes are more tailored and not fussy looking. 

Accent Trim

Valances: Fringe can accent the shape of a hem of a valance.  Or a textured tape on the straight hem of a valance can draw your eye up to give more height to the room. 

Lamp Shade trim

Lamp Shades: Glue fringe on the edge of the lamp shade to accent the shape of the shade.