Furniture Arrangement Guidelines

Ready for a change? Rearranging your furniture, even if it is a small part of the room, can make you feel like a new person. And without spending any money!

Here are some areas to consider before you make that first move:

The Function of the Room

This is the first question to answer and the answer makes all the difference. Comfy furniture vs. formal furniture.  Individual chairs vs a curved seating area. Although we are not talking about wearability and stain resistance in this discussion, that would also figure into the function of the room.

Make a list of the activities and then place them in priority order. This will keep you on track when you place the furniture. 

focal point


The Focal Point

Do you have a fire place that you gather around to warm yourself? Do you have a golf course view? Is TV watching the main function of the room? Decide which focal point or activity is the most important and arrange your furniture around that point.


Here are some spacing tips for arranging your furniture:

Distance from the coffee table to the sofa – 14”- 18”

Distance from the TV to the sofa/chairs – 3x the size of TV

Distance for major walk ways – 36’ – 48”; smaller hallways – 24”

Distance from DR chair and wall – 24” – 36”

Area rug should be 36” wider on all sides of DR table

furniture arrangement

Conversation Areas

If the room is large, please don’t line the walls with the furniture. Divide the furniture into conversation areas so you can actually hear and talk to another person without shouting across the room. Use the back of the furniture grouping to create a division between areas.


This relates to how the room feels when it is arranged. Does the visual weight equal the actual weight of the furniture? Don’t put the heavy looking sofa under the large window and across from a little picture hanging on a mostly bare wall. Balance the large window with the sofa across from it. Or balance the sofa with 2 like-sized chairs. 

Think Size First

When you finally start to arrange the furniture, place the larger pieces first. Then add the smaller pieces.  And don’t assume you need to use all the furniture. 

This is the perfect time to get rid of the excess. Enjoy your new look!