Handcrafted Textiles

Fabricut is one of our textile suppliers and they sent this wonderful picture of fabrics and trims that I just had to share. When we think of neutral we might think of white, but these are rich colors that just happen to be neutral! Below is their description of the fabrics and how they are made.

There is something unmistakably appealing about the handmade. The rich history of textiles as one of the oldest forms of art continues to influence textile design today, with handmade techniques passed down through generations of textile designers. As we continue to find inspiration in handcrafted textiles, we’ve pulled together several new products developed with handcrafting processes and images of the artisans at work.

Pouring the dye

Employing handcrafting techniques including screen printing, fabrics like Ion Damask are printed at our mill by artisans who apply the pattern by hand down the bolt of fabric. Ion Damask’s natural linen ground is the perfect backdrop for the hand-screened damask design, bringing a more relaxed look ideal for bohemian or globally inspired interiors.

Pulling the dye over the screens to make the pattern