Holiday Ready

We have a short time frame this year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Which means we can’t delay our decorating! As soon as our Thanksgiving guests leave we need to be pulling out our boxes of holiday decorations. And if we want to add new decorations this year or at least update them from last year, we can’t procrastinate. Since time is short, I am going to show you some quick and easy inspiration for this year. 

Red Accents

Crisp white with red accents give a fresh look to this arrangement. Simple red balls, berries and greenery are repeated on the light fixtures, the chair backs and the center pieces. Add a plaid ribbon shaped into a bow to complete the arrangement.

Ho Ho Ho

A typical evergreen draped railing with plaid ribbon bows takes your eye up the stairs. And the Ho Ho lighted letters on the opposite side repeats the upward movement.

Christmas Tree

Are you limited in space for your tree? Or do you want to decorate a door? This is a simple tree that has lights strung on wire that is shaped like a tree with ornaments to fill in the tree. These ornaments are multi-colored or you could have all one color such as red only, gold, or even green!

Wrapped with care

Want to spruce up your kitchen cabinets for Christmas? Some people wrap the door with wrapping paper. But you could just put bows and ribbon to make them look like a package. The ribbons are all the same color as shown here, or you might alternate colors if you have a lot of cabinet doors.

Candy canes

Many people hang evergreens around their windows but here they have added candy canes hung from the evergreens. These are large candy canes that really accent the space and are very festive.

Fireplace Mantle Decorations

Basic cranberries, poinsettias, and candles can inspire a new look on your mantle. Keep the holiday spirit.

Christmas Tree

Another easy Christmas tree. Take colored red and green ribbon or paper that is lopped and attached to a Styrofoam tree shape. Top it with a ribbon bow. This tree could be large or small depending upon how much space you have.

Festive centerpiece

And finally an easy centerpiece. Spray paint glass jars in red, silver or white and fill with stemmed cranberries and leaves. The size and height is perfect for your table. It adds color and everyone can see over the top.