Lawrence Festival of Trees Ideas

The Lawrence Festival of Trees benefiting The Children’s Shelter is this week. The trees are on display at Liberty Hall for all of us to enjoy. What a great place to get a wonderful assortment of ideas. Here are just a few of the trees and details that caught my eye.

Folded Paper

Hand made ornaments are always special and here is a folded paper decoration that spirals and tucks to make a circle.  The multicolored patterns create a festive look.  They can be as large or as small as you want but keep with the scale of the tree.






Square Snowman

Snow family

Instead of having a tree you might want to create Frosty.  A square snow man with a jaunty top hat is a great themed “tree” for other rooms in the house.  Or you can create a family of snowpeople – one for each member of your family and showcase in your family room.  This puffy and swirling fabric  lit by interior lights  gives the illusion of  real snow from a distance.  

Snow family


If your room is small, decorate a wreath and place it on a wood rocking chair or a sled.  Add a plaid blanket because it looks and feels cozy.





Clock Decorations

Use old time objects in metal for a themed tree.  Here they tucked in old gears and clocks in different sizes -some with  old roman numerals and wonderful old pocket watches. It is fun just to explore the tree to see all the interesting time pieces.





Earthy Tree

Not every tree need to be green.  This earthy tree could be displayed year round with seasonal handmade ornaments.





Wrapping Paper Tree

You can be very creative with wrapping paper as you wrap your gifts.  Why not let your holiday gift wrap  BE the decoration.  Instead of a messy wrapping area, here a tree frame holds and showcases the wonderful patterns now available in holiday paper.  Colors and patters of paper can change over the years but you still have the frame to hold the beautiful paper.




Sunny Monkeys

Kids love sock monkeys and games and several trees were decorated with the monkeys climbing around the tree.  Here the tree topper is the famed money with sunglasses right next to the Banana Grams game.  Because monkeys like bananas?





It is always a struggle to find that wonderful tree topper.  Here are some great ideas from a simple Santa hat to an elaborate curling, swirling, of ribbons and the traditional angel.   

Santa Hat


Fabric Stars

Angels on High

Sparkly Explosion