Lawrence Home Show February 22-23

The Home Show, sponsored by the Lawrence Home Builders Assoc., will be February 22-23. We will again be hosted in the used car building on the south end of the Crown Toyota showroom, at 33rd and Iowa Street. It is a great way to spend an hour or two on a cold February day.

I will be at the Home Show all day Saturday and Sunday so come with your pictures and challenges. We can discuss what choices you might have. Customers used to come in to the store with developed prints to show me their rooms. Then a digital camera seemed to be a wonderful solution because you didn’t have to wait for the whole roll to be developed. Now we all carry cameras in our back pocket! 

Each year we create something new that has never been displayed in our show room and showcase the new styles and colors at the Home Show. Then we move the display into its new home in our showroom.

This year we are showcasing two different valance styles and a different pleat style that could be used either on stationary panels or a valance.


Decorative Trim

Tailored flat pleats are very popular now. They are not fussy but do offer a customized look in your home. Customizing the valances is easily done with embroidered tapes in squares, with embroidered scrolls on linen or with metal accents on a textured woven fabric. Use a textured weave fabric that offers a range of tones in different colored threads. Flat tapes can add  sparkle and elegance to your room and to your custom window treatments. Bling doesn’t have to be sparkly; it can be that little extra detail that customizes your room. 

Triple flat pleats can give you fullness for your stationary panels yet create a contemporary look that is understated but tasteful. And we add shades for light control and privacy. Let me show you how wonderful the motorized shades are at the Home Show. You don’t get up to change the channel on your TV do you? So why would you get up to lower and raise your shades? 

Call us for free tickets to the Home Show. We will have specials that you can only get by visiting our booth at the Home Show — a $43 installation special on any order no matter how large the order. Help us celebrate our 43 years in business!

Come visit us at our booth!  We would love to see you.