National Window Covering Safety Month

October is known as National Window Covering Safety Month.  But actually every month should be child safety awareness month. 

We have many ways to treat windows safely without cords that also enhance light control, privacy, energy efficiency and security. 

remote control

Remote control

Our most popular shade and blind control is motorization.  This could be with a hand held remote control or with a battery powered wand.

When was the last time you leaned across the car to roll up the windows?  Or when was the last time you got up from your chair to change the TV station?  Now you don’t need to get up to keep the sun from shining on the screen or keeping the sun out of your eyes as you read your book. The remote makes it easy to manage your window treatments.

smart phone app

Smart Phone app

Through your smart phone you can automatically schedule your shades to raise and lower.  I leave my shades down on the east side until noon then I have them set to automatically raise as the sun moves to the other side of the house.  I set all my shades to lower at sunset to give the appearance that I am home whether I am or not.  That way no one knows if I am out late with friends or home. 

Certainly these remote control shades are ideal for hard to reach places – skylights, second story windows or transom windows.

If the window is easy to reach, a battery-powered operating wand  system is possible.  A stationary wand can be pushed up or down to control the location of the shade. 


Hunter Douglas Motorization

  Cordless options are readily available. When you put your hand under the shade and push up, the shade moves and there are no visible cords.  You can also have a cordless option for the top down/bottom up shades.  A cordless lift and lock option is offered on wood or faux wood blinds.  Simply push a bottom on the bottom rail and the blind lifts effortlessly. 

If a continuous beaded chain is the best option, it is secured at the bottom with a cord tensioner – still child and pet friendly.

There are many wonderful options available for your window treatments.  Find one that fits you so you can have the best possible experience in your home every day and can consequently live better and healthier lives.