New Color Trends

Fall is here and we usually have our open house in late September.  We invite you to come to the store, we present a seminar on a decorating topic –often on the new colors for the fall and into next year, we feed you some cookies and visit with you about your decorating plans.  Of course this year is different. So instead of inviting you into the store, we thought we would invite ourselves into your homes and offer you some decorating inspiration. 


New Neutral from Schumacher

The color forecast for this fall and into 2021 is an expansion of warm comforting colors.  The spectrum will be warm and brown is coming back.  Color changes from one season to another are often transitional rather than an abrupt change. We will still see gray but with a lot more brown added to the gray.  And we are seeing a lot of chocolate browns all the way to sand colors, still in the warm spectrum. Notice in this picture there are a lot of ways browns are used to transition to the new neutral – dark coffee walls, almond sofa with a range of sand, cocoa and natural bark pillows.



Colors from Trend

Soft yellows will be used as a season neutral and will carry us into the spring.  Yellow is an optimistic color which is good for our mood right now.  And we can add cool, calming blues to the mix.  Sky and mist colors all the way to the deeper tones of navy, marine, ocean, and azure. They work well with the espresso browns and driftwood colors. 



Green will play well with the browns and grays.  House plants are a perfect way to add the complimentary green by bringing the outside in.  Balance the warmth of the browns with the cooler greens of basil, grass, and sweet pea. Adding calmness and tranquility.

Bring the Outdoors In

Flat Trim

Attaching flat trim to your drapery panels is a good way to forge the transition to browns.  Use the barn red geometric tape or goldenrod striped trim to add that warm feeling to your room.


And sometimes we just need a lift and want to shout RED ALERT! 

Love That Red from Schumacher