October Safety Awareness

October is child safety awareness month. Actually every month should be child safety awareness month. Babies and children are naturally curious and cords within their reach can pose a dangerous hazard. Making our homes safer for our children, our grandchildren, our guest’s children and our pets should be a top priority for us in our homes or places of work.

Automated Shades

Prevention begins with awareness. And there are so many wonderful options to keep cords out of the reach of children.

Let’s start with no visible cords. Shades can be operated by a remote control or through an app on your smart phone. The remote control allows you to operate the shade from anywhere in the room without getting up. The app is the best part. You can operate your shades from anywhere in the world.  But even better, you can put your shades on a schedule. Up at sunrise, down at sunset. Up on the shady side of the house, down on the sunny side. Or any position in between! Certainly motorization helps with windows that are hard to reach because of furniture placement or high windows.

Smart Phone app

There also is a simple, cordless wand operated with a battery-powered system that is motorization without a separate remote. Just walk up to the window, push the operational wand up or down and the shade moves effortlessly. 

Most of these motorization options are battery run. In the headrail of the shade is a battery pack that contains 12 AA batteries. These are very easy to buy and install. If you are building a new house, now would be a good time to hard wire the shades and you would have no batteries to replace ever.

Hard to Reach Windows

An easy and a very convenient option is a cordless operating system. When the shade is raised there are no cords hanging down on the sides. Just put your hand under the bottom rail and lift up. The only catch is that you need to be able to reach the window because these only go up as high as you can push them up.

If you have furniture in front of your windows or if you have really tall windows, the Hunter Douglas Ultraglide® feature is an option. This is a retractable pull wand that stays at a consistent and convenient length. Pump to raise the shade, release and the shade self-lowers. 

A heavy duty stainless steel continuous chain is still an option. This is perfect for large shade applications. The continuous cord or chain is secured at the bottom with a cord tensioner for ease of use and safety. 

There are many wonderful options available to keep your kids and pets safe. Find the one that best fits you!