Pareto Collection – Colors in Volume III

I received these color arrangements from our supplier Fabricut Inc.  I thought they did a nice job of arranging the fabrics and colors into groups to help us see how colors and patterns can be coordinated.  These are colors that we are seeing this spring from many companies.  It is not always about one color being “it” but often a range of colors that set the tone for the new splurge of color.

Enjoy. And as always let us know if we can help you with your decorating needs.  


The Pareto Collection – Volume III


Introducing the newest Pareto collection from Fabricut: The Pareto Collection: Volume III. 
This unqiue and diverse collection contains the following color palettes: Red Gold, Neutral, Grey, Aqua, and Blue. 


Red Gold

Pareto 6355.jpg

This selection of fabrics and trimmings was made to capture the beauty of both hues of red and gold.



Pareto 6353.jpg

 Neutral colors and peaceful tones drive the inspiration behind this selection of fabrics and trimmings.  



Pareto 6349.jpg

Shades of grey and hues of slate, some paired with pattern, create a perfect palette for this grouping. 



Pareto 6361.jpg

This selection of fabrics and trimmings was made with the tones of the sea and coast in mind. 



Pareto 6351.jpg

Hues of blue encase this selection of fabrics and trimmings in modern tranquility and serene style.