Porch and Deck Sun Shades

Spring always brings thoughts of lovely times spent on our porches and decks. Summer reminds us that the sun has shifted and is blazing toward our porches and decks. It is almost too harsh and too hot to enjoy our outside spaces.  You need solar control! We have solutions for that problem. And of course if you start now, you will be able to enjoy your outdoor areas all spring, summer and fall.

Solar screens on rollers are a great solution to controlling the sun and therefore the heat. You can lower these shades when the sun is a bother, and raise them when the sun is on the other side of the house. The shades can withstand the outdoor weather making them a perfect choice for your deck. We install these outdoor shades on  screened-in-porches too.

The solar shades come with small perforations and are rated by openness factors. The openness factor determines how much light, glare and heat come through the mesh shade. If you chose a 3% openness that means that 97% of the glare and heat is not coming through the shade. We often hold up a 3% openness sample next to a 5% openness sample for you to compare. You can see more easily through a 5% but more heat is being kept out by a 3% openness. We also have a 1% and a 10% openness. Keep in mind that these are not privacy shades.

You also have your choice of colors. Light colored shades reflect more heat, but you can see better through the darker colors.  It is nice when sitting on your deck not to feel closed off and to be able to see the trees, the sky, and the kids playing in the yard.

Since wind can be a factor outside, we also can provide hold down brackets or on larger shades, a cable  guide system that secures the shade from the weather. You should retract the shades in windy conditions, but cables will keep the shade steady in a breeze. A continuous bead chain raises and lowers the shades or they can be motorized.

Invite us to your deck and let us show you how well these solar shades can work. Take control of the heat so you can enjoy being outside.