Red Creates Focal Point in Home

The intensity of the color red adds passion to your interior look!

Zesty Red

Enliven your decor with this zesty choice. Because of its richness, red can create a focal point in your rooms, even when used in small quantities. Red comes in so many shades and is described by so many names, including cardinal, scarlet, crimson, cherry, ruby, garnet, claret and more. Many monikers for red reflect how exotic the color can appear; they’re named for parts of the world, such as Chinese Red, Venetian Red and Morocco Red. Red is known as a color of passion; it also communicates love and beauty. Depending on your frame of mind and your culture, it can also be identified with energy, happiness, loyalty, luck and more. Whatever it “says” to you individually, it’s clear that it makes a memorable fashion statement that adds personality to your home décor. It’s a refreshing change from the neutrals that most of us rely on in our home design plans.

Decorative Reds

Red is a dynamic addition to most interior design color schemes, and, do beware, a little bit can go a long way. Add just a dash of brilliant red in the following home elements: ​ Carpeting and rugs Painted furniture Fabrics, in solids or patterns, for draperies and furniture A painted accent wall or built-in shelves Bed or table linens A sofa, ottoman or easy chair Accent pieces, such as lamps, artwork and ceramics

Red as accents

Add decorative elements in this brilliant color. It’s a red hot design choice that will make your friends green with envy!

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