Skylights Offer Natural Light For Good Health

Skylights are a great addition to your home. The need for ample lighting cannot be taken lightly.  Studies have found that natural lighting is best – for lighting up your home and for your health.

Bath Skylight

Skylights let the sunshine in and illuminate your home naturally.  They add warmth and cut down on the need for artificial light.


If you are thinking of adding a skylight to your home, you have many options.  Material, shape, operation, and size are just some of the choices you need to make.  You want the skylight to be beautiful, but it must meet your functional needs as well.


Natural light is warm and often welcoming.  And if you already have a skylight window you know additional light from above can be pleasing.   Your skylight window can add considerable warmth to a room, which is often wonderful in the colder months, but can greatly increase the temperature of your room in warmer months.  The extra light can also add disturbing glare to televisions.  Skylight shades will help reduce heat and glare.

Natural Light


If your skylight does not have a covering already installed, you can add pleated shades, cellular shades, or mini-blinds custom-fitted for light and heat control.  We have found that the cellular shades are the best in controlling the heat and are the easiest to use. 


You may want these shades motorized as well, although telescoping crank handles are also available.  Since these shades are often raised and lowered seasonally – depending up on the heat – rather than daily, as we often adjust our other window treatments, either the telescoping handle or motorization may be an option.

Add Room Darkening Shades

Either way, a skylight is a wonderful addition in maintaining comfort in your home.  We have multiple colors and textures for your shades.  Call us and we can bring samples to you.