Sun Control With a View

As we move into spring and summer we will be spending more time on our decks and porches. The spring weather will be pleasant but the summer may get too hot to enjoy these areas. That is where screen roller shades can help.

Exterior porch shades

Roller shade screen fabric can help reflect the heat, absorb the heat or transmit the heat. In the summer, of course, we are trying to reflect the heat.

Let’s see what choices we have. These screen roller shades have little perforations in the shade cloth. They could have a 1% openness which means 99% of the UV is reflected. Or what we often use is the 3% or 5% openness which means that 97% or 95% of the UV light is reflected. Openness is how much light is let in. Of course we want all the light we can see and use without the heat. Color plays a huge factor in the shade fabric and how it performs.



Dark colors do an excellent job of glare control and you can see through them really well. But they absorb energy so it may be warmer next to the window.

Exterior deck shades

Light colors do an excellent job of reflection, but can bring glare back into your home.

It is a balancing act of reflecting heat and avoiding glare. Often I suggest a medium tone shade cloth to get the best of both worlds. And it is no longer a balancing act of function vs style. There are new fabrics that are available with design and beauty.  



Sun Faded Floor

We can also use these screen roller shades inside our homes to prevent fading and still have a view. Windows provide natural light and we love our big windows, but allowing the UV to come into our rooms can cause a lot of fading. Sun shades or screen roller shades prevent UV from coming in in full force. These shades can prevent your wall from fading which you see when you move your art work.  You can even see fading on your floors which is most obvious when you move rugs or furniture. Controlling the UV extends the life of your investment you have in your home maximizing your property protection.

The percentage of openness is an important decision and helps you to maintain a view and connection with the outside.