Upgrade Your Window Treatments with New Features

Why would you want to upgrade your window treatments? You have been in your house for many years and have adjusted to the sagging rod, the broken cord, or the limp fabrics. Here are some reasons why you might consider an upgrade. There are many new features offered that increase child safety and insulate to increase your comfort.

• Blackout – If your neighbors have added an outdoor light that shines in your bedroom or if you don’t sleep as well as you used to, we have many shades that can keep the light out.

• More insulation – Blackout shades are also very energy efficient therefore they will keep you comfortable.

Inner lined insulated panels

• Sound proofing – Adding layers can help you insulate against outside traffic noises. Use a cellular shade at the window and add lined or inner lined draperies. The bulk of the material and the dead air space will create layers of insulation as well as more energy efficiency.

• Child proofing — Many shades come cordless and many others have retractable cords or continuous cords that are secured at the bottom to keep children from getting entangled in the cords, making them child and pet friendly.

• Motorized – Remote controlled shades are not just for high windows anymore. As well as a safety feature with no cords, they also can be programmed to raise and lower at certain times of the day so when you aren’t home, it can look like you are home. A great safety feature.

• New colors – New paint can really freshen a room and so can new window treatments. Even neutrals need to be updated to the newer neutral tones.

Color Borders

• New styles – Styles have really changed too. Add stationary side panels on an iron or wood rod to new shades or wood blinds and the window treatments won’t have that heavy drapery look.

• New windows – Many customers have replaced their windows and the old window treatments often just don’t fit anymore. New windows is a good time to get new window treatments.

• Redecorating – If you are repainting, buying new flooring, and getting new furniture, new window treatments are just part of the process. Finishing the decorating in one room is the logical way to decorate. Then everything matches in color and tone at the same time.

window treatments

Top Down/Bottom Up Shades

• New features – TD/BU, cordless – And  finally, the innovation in the window treatment industry that makes our lives safer and easier. The top down/bottom up feature gives you privacy or sun control on the lower part of your window and view out the top. This same product can also be cordless so no cords are left to tangle or get caught in the vacuum. The retractable cords are great for windows that are hard to reach and the lift and lock systems reduces the weight of the wood blind when you raise the blinds.