Why Not Automate Your Window Treatments

WHY would you want your shades to work automatically you might ask.  Well, I can give you several reasons why that might be a good idea.

Frequently you have several windows in one room that you might want to raise or lower at the same time.  You are running out the door in the morning and you want the shades open while you are gone, but you are late getting off to work.  Pushing the ALL button on the remote will make them operate all at once, effortlessly.

Hunter Douglas Pirouette Powerview Shades

I have east and west windows.   I want the shades on the east windows down during the morning and up in the afternoon.  And the opposite with the shades on the west windows.  So I can create a scene and set them on a schedule to go up when the sun is on the opposite side of the house and lower when the sun moves for added energy efficiency. 

Scenes on your smart phone PowerView App

And if I come home late, the shades can all be lowered automatically at sunset for additional security.  Plus I can make all this happen automatically. 

Automated shades do not have operational cords so they increase safety for children and pets.  There are no long cords for children to play with or to get caught in the vacuum. And not just your children, but your visitor’s child or pet as well.

Of course motorization is very necessary for shades that are hard to reach. Privacy on high windows is not usually a concern unless the windows are across from the second floor hall.  But the sun can definitely be a factor to consider as you try to reduce the summer heat in your home.

PowerView Pebble remote

The automated shades and blinds can be controlled by a touch with a small hand held or wall mounted remote or a tap on your smart phone.  And you can be at home or on vacation to move your shades up or down.  Hunter Douglas shades and blinds are also compatible with voice activated systems like Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. 

Technological innovation has changed our lives.  Of course we no longer reach over the passenger seat to lower the window as we are driving nor do we get up to change the TV station.  So why would we get up to adjust our shades? 

WHY NOT automation at our windows?