Window Treatments For All Windows

Our motto is “we do windows”.   We can help you with a window treatment for any kind of window whether it is a rectangular window, an arch window, a transom window, or a bay window.   And we do sliding glass doors and atrium doors.  To us, those are just big windows. 

Of course rectangular windows are the easiest to treat with window fashions because they have the most choices available.  A transom at the top of a rectangular window can add a complication.  Do we take the window treatment to the top of the transom?  Do we leave the transom uncovered?  Do we treat the transom differently? 

Transom windows over door

It is ideal to treat the transom window the same as the rectangular window.  Therefore we should consider all the options at the beginning of the process.  Usually transom windows don’t create a privacy issue because they are so high.  But they can let in a lot of sun which can increase your air conditioning bills and fade your furniture or floor.   Pay attention to the light coming in those top windows and see if that will be a problem.  Mounting a rod just above the transom for draperies or panels adds to the ambiance of the room – celebrating the height you have, not cutting it off.

If you want shades instead of drapery panels, the higher transom windows can be motorized for easy control. 

Duette® Movable Easyview Arch



We have many homes with arch windows in Lawrence and they let in a lot of heat and light in the hot summer months.  Hunter Douglas offers a movable arch cellular shade that can be controlled seasonally or daily.  If the window is too high to reach, we can provide you with a pole to move the shade.

Bay Window Treatment

A bay window is just a series of windows.  We can treat them on the inside of the bay or on the outside of the whole wall.  Window treatments for the inside of the bay are best when they raise up vertically to expose as much of the window as possible.  Draperies would take up horizontal space and may cover too much of the view on the end windows.  But if the draperies or panels were put on the outside wall, you can extend them beyond the window to get all the view you want. 

Sliding glass doors or atrium doors are just big windows that are also an exit.  So the draperies, shades, and blinds all are more functional if they slide to the side.  But if you like a symmetrical look you can stack your window treatment on each side of the wall beside the door.  Just be sure there is plenty of wall space on each side of the door frame.  

Sliding Shutter Over Door

Give us a call and we can make suggestions for regular and unusual windows.